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Do you love a touch of sparkle? Showcase that with a Bridle Bling stock pin! This is a brand new stock pin embellished in rhinestones. They come in a variety of options.

Choose from the following:

#1 - Daisy Shine (out of stock)
#2 - Diva (out of stock)
#3 - Stephanotis Flower
#4 - Sassy Bow
#5 - Moment to Shine (out of stock)
#6 - Sparkle On
#7 -Sparkle Blossom (out of stock)
#8 - Sparkle Bouquet (out of stock)
#9 - With All My Heart
#10 - Floral Swirl

Feel free to ask us any questions! We thank you for your business!

Rhinestone Stock Pin

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