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Always Believe You Can

With so many factors in the equestrian world, it is easy to become discouraged and have feelings of wanting to give up on your dreams. Don’t! Hard work always pays off. Look for those small ways in which you can have additional learning opportunities. Maybe you aren’t able to ride in a horse show but you can go as a groom. Take this chance to be a part of the show atmosphere and support the team. You might be amazed at what you can pick up during this experience. Ask your trainer for other ways that you can grow and advance. Trainers love eager students and always want to see you succeed. Maybe someone at your barn is looking for someone to ride their horse because they are unable to. This is an excellent way to get more in the saddle time.

So remember, don’t just THINK that you can. BELIEVE that you can. Work hard and DO it. You can achieve your goals.

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