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Meet Brand Ambassador Sarah and Olivia!

Sarah Limegrover and Olivia Johnson are two friends who ride, compete, and run the popular Instagram account @sno.eq together. They both ride equitation, and Sarah has 9 years of riding experience and Olivia has 5 years. They’ve mainly shown at WEF, ESP, and PBCHA but also show in IEA, in which their team with Sarah named as the Varsity Open Rider and Olivia as the Junior Varsity Novice Cross Rails Rider at Nationals.

Sarah competes with her leased horse Carit DMZ, a 17.2 chestnut gelding. Before Carit, she had leased Dynasty for the majority of WEF, showing him in the 12-14 Eq and the 12-14 THIS as well as a couple of 1.0m jumper classes. She has shown Carit in the 15-17 Eq, 15-17 THIS, and 1.0m jumper classes. She has also qualified for SEMF with Carit.

Olivia is currently a working student at their barn and has not leased or owned any horses. Instead, she rides the horses of boarders at her barn as well as lesson horses. One example is a green pony named Rain (Over the Rainbow), who is a 13.2 bay mare. She has worked with her to the point where they have qualified for SEMF and have shown from the cross rail jumpers at PBMP to a pony division at PBCHA. She is also working with a green horse named Merlin who is a paint gelding that could possibly show in all 3 rings and do very well. She has been working with him for about 6 months but hasn’t shown him yet. They have done regular 3ft courses at home and aspire to do the low children’s hunters. Lastly, there is Poppy. She is a grey Irish sport horse who has shown in the 1.20m respectively at WEF with her previous owner and is currently teaching her new owner the ropes of the jumper ring. Olivia has shown her in the jumpers at 1.0m. She also helps with warm ups for many people, ranging from a short stirrup

trip to a 2’9 Eq class. She is a warm up rider at WEF for boarders at my barn. She also does catch rides when she can and is willing to ride almost any horse that comes her way! Follow Sarah and Olivia on Instagram at @sno.eq and on their YouTube channel SNO Equitation.

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